(přepnout do češtiny)

Seek a way out!

an escape-the-room adventure

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Current version: 1.3.20 (July 2020)


Seek a way out! is a puzzle adventure game in the escape-the-room genre. It’s also a spin-off of this Scouting webcomic.

You are Tišík, a clever but inexperienced child, on a weekend Scouting trip to the mysterious Hut of Terror. Together with other children, you must solve puzzles and observe your surroundings to find your way out of rooms.

Currently, this is a tech demo constiting of 1 room and 1 puzzle.


  • Mysterious adventure in a Scouting environment
  • Voice in Czech, text in English
  • One of few Scouting games
  • The game is fully voiced
  • The game is free and open-source, shared under the GNU GPL license.


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